Venom and the Beast | Episode 113 | Superhero Slate

On the latest Superhero Slate show, Iron Fist hits hard, there’s some Venom in our veins, the sun is setting for the Dark Knight, and more!

Riff & Raff


Iron Fist (4:15)
Thoughts and impressions
Spoilercast next week!

Legion (15:10)
Season 2 confirmed

Guardians of the Galaxy (17:10)
Vol 3 confirmed by James Gunn
Michael Rosenbaum and Sylvester Stallone are key Marvel Characters
Inhumans (20:30)

Medusa looks
Crystal hair
Season 1/2 drawings from Coulson in Agents of SHIELD

Venom (25:15)
Movie confirmed for October 5, 2018 from Sony
Related to Homecoming?
Life movie as prequel (not confirmed or unconfirmed)
No director confirmed
Script by Scott Rosenberg (Jumanji) and Jeff Pinkner (ASM 2)
Previous draft by Dante Harper (Alien: Covenant)
Avi Arad/Matt Tolmach still as producers
More stand-alone, not MCU related

Beauty and the Beast (31:40)
Thoughts and impressions

The Batman (35:10)
Script being rewritten from scratch
Deathstroke may be out per Manganiello
J.K. Simmons unsure when/if he’ll return as Gordon
Affleck in rehab for alcohol addictions

Nightwing (38:20)
Movie in development
More sense for Deathstroke

Aquaman (40:00)
Pushed back several months

Green Lantern Corps (43:10)
David Goyer up for directing

The Dark Tower (45:38)
First official poster

American Gods (46:40)
Premiere April 30

The Matrix (48:15)
WB planning prequel
Follows young Morpheus

Quantum and Woody (51:25)
Russo Bros. TV series adaptation of comic from Valiant
Buddy super-hero, based on White Men Can’t Jump characters
22 issues

Despicable Me 3 (54:00)

Alien: Awakening (56:20)
Another movie title teased by Ridley Scott
Between Prometheus and Covenant
Wants to keep making more

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