A Town Born of Victory: 200 Years of Triumph

In January of 1815, General Andrew Jackson led a rag-tag army of American soldiers to a decisive battle against the British near the city of New Orleans.

The might and determination exhibited by the fighting Americans at the Battle of New Orleans and the resulting victory left an indelible imprint upon the psyche of the new nation—an imprint so deep and enduring that two men in the Indiana Territory, Samuel Lewis and William McFarland, named the new town they were laying out in honor of that victory– “Little Orleans”.

This is the story of Orleans, Indiana.

–A film by Dillard and Dillard–

Produced and Directed by
Christopher Dillard and Cathy Dillard Hardin

Filmed and Edited by
Christopher Dillard

Conceived and Written by
Cathy Dillard Hardin

Sound by
Christopher Dillard

Executive Produced by
Orleans Bicentennial Committee

Narrated by
John Noblitt

This film has been designated a
Bicentennial Legacy Project
by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission

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